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Here, you’ll find all the information you need on off-the-shelf medical products and devices which you might be interested in purchasing online.

We do our best to help people across the US, UK and Canada decide which kind of medical device or product is best for them – based on in-depth comparisons and background information on how it could help you better manage your health.

For instance, if we’re reviewing and comparing back support belts, we’re not just going to put up a few comparison notes and call it a day. We’ll also arm you with the necessary information on what leads to poor back health and what you can do to maintain good spinal health throughout the year.

That’s how we do things here!

With SuperMedical, you’re going to find the best-quality off-the-shelf and ready-to-wear medical devices available on major online UK stores, including Amazon, Ebay and multiple other direct suppliers.

We’re based in Israel, and primarily a marketing and information company with a focus on helping people across the English speaking world understand common health problems and decide how to buy the best medical devices to help cope with those problems. See our contact page for more information about who we are.

When you’re not sure which medical product to buy for a health condition, just check out our product reviews section – and if you can’t find what you need, drop a suggestion or two, so that we can put up a review!  

Who we are

The team at SuperMedical are health fanatics and medical device aficionados themselves and conduct deep research to bring the latest medical product reviews and comparisons to you, along with their expert verdict.

From product reviews on blood pressure monitors, back support belts, and hearing aids to oximeters, thermometers and more – we cover news, buying guides, comparisons and any other information you might require in order to decide which medical product is right for you.

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If you have any queries about the medical devices and products we review and need to know how to remedy specific health concerns through the use of off-the-shelf medical products, please let us know.

You can write to us at admin@supermedical.com

    Disclaimer: We are not medical doctors, neither do we claim to be. We only offer our expert opinion on medical devices by comparing and contrasting medical products based on quality, accuracy and usefulness – based on our own research, knowhow and experience with using them.