Top 5 Thermometers You Can Buy Today

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Top 5 Thermometers You Can Buy Today
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When it comes to a medicine cabinet essential, you cannot do without a good-quality thermometer. It’s something you should always have on hand – especially amid the ongoing pandemic.

Using a thermometer is the best way to check for fever. Fever is defined as a body temperature of 100.9˚ F (38.3 ˚C) or above. This cutoff varies depending on age and where the temperature is checked.

When shopping for a thermometer, your top priorities are to find one that provides accurate, quick and consistent readings, while not being too hard on the wallet.

Here are the top five best thermometers you can order online today:

Top 5 Thermometers You Can Buy

1. Kinsa Digital Smart Ear Thermometer

We’re kicking off the list with Kinsa’s thermometer, which we believe is one of the best thermometers on the market today.

This smart digital thermometer boasts an ultra-fast reader which can take accurate readings through the ear in a second – perfect for parents trying to take readings from a squirmy kid!

Unlike other ear thermometers you might have seen over the years, this one does not require disposable plastic covers, which can interfere with fever readings.

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The Kinsa digital thermometer connects via Bluetooth through a smartphone app which tracks the family’s fever history. It even offers personalized suggestions for visiting a doctor.

It doesn’t stop there – it will also remind you when you should take your medication. The battery life lasts an impressive two years or 1,000 readings (whichever comes first).

2. Olangda Forehead Thermometer

If all thermometers were this easy to use, they’d be selling like hotcakes. Olangda’s digital forehead thermometer measures temperature instantly when you place it 2 inches from someone’s forehead – the push of a button is all it takes.

It’s important to note that you must put the thermometer in the correct mode before you can use it. For instance, when using “face” mode, a reading below 99.5 °F (37.5 ˚C) will display a green screen, while a reading of over 99.6 °F (37.6 ˚C) will show a red screen, indicating fever.

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Many reviewers on Amazon have stated that this is one of the best purchases you can make during the pandemic, and we agree wholeheartedly.

3. iProven Oral Thermometer

If you’re looking for a budget thermometer that gives highly accurate readings, then make it the iProven oral thermometer. The small and discreet top allows for a reading within 10 seconds, which are accurate to 1/10th of a degree. Suffice it to say, that’s super-accurate!

While the older under-the-tongue thermometers were somewhat uncomfortable to keep in the mouth, this one has a flexible tip which makes it very oral-friendly.

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The iProven thermometer is not only ideal for adults, but babies as well, as it can be used rectally. It’s highly durable and waterproof, making it really easy to clean using just water and soap. It’s a fantastic mercury-free option for adults and newborns alike.

4. Braun No-touch Thermometer

Sometimes, kids can be finicky, making it either troublesome or near-impossible to take their temperature. This is where Braun’s no-touch thermometer comes to the rescue.

Just sneak up on your little one as they sleep and hold it 2 inches from their forehead. The non-invasive technology requires no button-pressing and will silently take your child’s temperature reading.

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While using it, the backlight changes colour according to temperature severity – from green to yellow or red. It may be a little pricier than other thermometers on this list, but we think the discreet technology it offers is really worth it.

According to one survey, more paediatricians are now using the Braun no-touch thermometer than any other brand.

5. Elepho eTherm Infrared thermometer

Here’s another thermometer that offers ultra-accurate readings after a touch to the forehead. In addition to the non-invasive forehead method, it can also show temperatures through the ear.

Batteries are included and the thermometer is well-suited to everyone from toddlers and kids to teenagers, adults and senior citizens.

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Closing thoughts: How to pick one that’s right for you

The above list should give you a good starting point for picking the right thermometer. However, there are a few aspects you should consider before buying one:


As mentioned earlier, the number one element to consider is how accurate your thermometer is. You should be able to take accurate readings the first time around and within seconds, like some of the above thermometers are capable of doing.

Rectal readings are best suited to children under 3. For older kids and adults, many methods can be used to give accurate results, including those which require no touch whatsoever.


Beyond the usual temperature readings, some thermometers also store your family’s temperature reading history, while others even remind you when to visit the doctor. The amount of ‘bells and whistles’ you require on your chosen thermometer comes down to how you’ll be using it, your family unit size, and of course, your general preferences.

Easy usage

Whether it’s cleaning your thermometer or getting readings in a variety of circumstances (squirmy kids, for example), some thermometers make the job a lot easier than others. Additionally, you want to take battery life into consideration because you certainly don’t want to fumble for a new pair when the situation calls for an urgent temperature reading.